General information about the competition

Miss America (eng. Miss America — annual beauty contest, which selects the most beautiful woman US.

the Contest ’Miss America" is a multistage process. First, the locations are selected "miss" certain cities — for example, ‘miss Miami.  Then elected "miss  each state of the capital city Washington, DC. With in 2004, in addition to representatives from the States and capitals in the contest ’Miss America» may also participate "miss virgin Islands. 

the contest Itself — as at the municipal, national, or state level — consists of competitions in 4 disciplines:

  • In "interview» girls should show their ability to keep the conversation well and wittily to answer questions
  • In the competition ’s talents" the contestants show their abilities in various fields — usually in singing, dancing, playing musical instruments
  • Performance in bathing suits — this contest good figures involved. Girls choose themselves swimwear, mainly bikinis. At the same time, there are strict rules of compliance "morality".
  • evening dresses girls demonstrate their ability to freely and elegantly move around the room or the catwalk.

 2003 entered the competition, participating in sports clothing type (Casual Wear).

the Winner of the contest will receive cash scholarships that help girls continue to make a career or to get a good education. They also open the door to the world of cinema and models. In international competitions the winner is not involved.

maximum number of times the title of "Miss America" was conquered by the representatives of the California Oklahoma and Oh (6 times).